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Lecture Notes

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Course 20566 (Spring Semester- Faculty of Canon Law)
"Elements of Deontic Logic"

Versione PdfPart I Versione PdfPart II (Revised 3/3/08)

Course 50609 (Spring Semester)
"Logic II: Modal and Intensional Logic"

Versione PdfPart I (Revised 5/3/08)

Course FO1120 (by Gregorian University):
"History of Modern and Contemporary Ideas"

Lecture Notes (Transparencies)

Basti's NotesPart Ia Basti's NotesPart Ib Basti's NotesPart II Basti's NotesPart III


Basti's NotesTest Questions for Examination

Course 50102 (Winter Semester)
"Philosophy of Man (Philosophical Anthropology)"

Lecture Notes (Transparencies)

Basti's NotesPart I


Course 50602 (Winter Semester)
"Logic I: Classic & Symbolic Logic"

Part of Classic Logic (Larrey) Versione Pdf


Part of Symbolic Logic (Basti) Versione Pdf

Versione Word (compresso)(Compressed Word Version)

Course 50583 (Spring Semester)
"Neurophysiological basis of intentional behavior"

Lecture Notes

Basti''s Presentation of Freeman CourseBasti's Presentation of Freeman Course (Italian)

Freman's LectureFreeman's Paper presented at IRAFS'02 International Conference (Manuscript)


Course 50476:
"The Question of Foundations:
From Metalogic to Metaphysics"

Lecture Notes (Transparencies):

Basti's Notes601K


G. BASTI, Ontologia formale: dalla logica alla metafisica (trasparencies)

Part ICourse on Formal Ontology I1000K    Part IICourse on Formal Ontology II250K   


G. BASTI, Analogia, ontologia formale e problema dei fondamenti. Published in: BASTI G & TESTI C.A. (Eds.), Analogia e autoreferenza, Marietti 1820, Genova-Milano, 2004, pp. 159-236.

Analogia e Ontologia445K


Course 50578:
"The Mind-Body Relationship"

G. BASTI, La Persona Umana. Scienza, Ontologia e Teologia a confronto (transparencies)

Ontology of Human Person1500K

Il Rapporto Mente-Corpo e le Scienze Cognitive (transparencies)

Questionario d'Esame 850K

Original Italian manuscript of "mente-corpo, rapporto" published in a reduced version onl Dizionario Enciclopedico di Scienza e Fede, Vol.I, Roma, 2002 pp. 920-938 (schema online) .

Questionario d'Esame 164K

Online English version of "mind-body relationship" in the Interdisciplinary Encyclopaedia on Religion and Science (2005).


Courses 50566-50890:
"Elements of Physics I-II"

Lecture Notes:

Guzzi's NotesPhysics I Guzzi's NotesPhysics II


Courses 50546-50589:
"Elements of Intensional Logic I-II"

Lecture notes (Transparencies) of the course (Galvani's and Giordani's notes on the ontological argument for God's existence in Leibniz and Goedel included)

Lecture Notes 177K Lecture Notes 2 176K Lecture Notes 3290K Lecture Notes of Galvan-Giordani on God existence148K


S. GALVAN, "Lineamenti di una teoria essenzialistica della necessità" in L. Lombardi Vallauri (Ed.), Logos dell’essere e della norma, Bari 1999, pp. 347-375.


S. GALVAN & A. GIORDANI, A Logic of the Possible and the Existent. PIE System (preprint).

PIE System323K


Modal and Deontic Logic (2005/6)

Modal200KDeontic 1 90K Deontic 2 90k Deontic 390K


Course 50547:
"Elements of Formal Ontology"


New Lecture Notes 1-10 (2009) :

Notes 1n.1 Notes 2n.2 Notes 3n.3 Notes 4n.4 Notes 5n.5 Notes 6n.6 Notes 7n.7
Notes 8n.8 Notes 9n.9 Notes 10n.10

Lecture Notes 1-10 (2004):

Pippo10n.1 Pippo 9n.2 Pippo 8n.3 Pippo 7n.4Pippo 6n.5

Pippo 5n.6Pippo 4n.7Pippo 3n.8Pippo 2n.9Pippo1n.10

This lecture note collection has been published in the book:
N. B. COCCHIARELLA, Formal Ontology and Conceptual Naturalism, Springer, New York-Berlin, 2007.


N. B. COCCHIARELLA, "Logic and Ontology", Axiomathes 12: 117–150, 2001.

Logic and Ontology173K

N. B. COCCHIARELLA, "Conceptual Realism as a Formal Ontology". In: R. POLI AND P.SIMONS (EDS.), Formal Ontology, Kluwer Academic Press, Dordrecht, 1996.

Formal Ontology314K


Course 50567:
"Elements of Physical Cosmology"

Lecture Notes:

Pippo 30I Notes       Pippo 29II Notes       Pippo 28III Notes       Pippo 27IV Notes

Pippo 26V Notes       Pippo 25VI Notes       Pippo 24VII Notes       Pippo 23VIII Notes

Pippo 22IX Notes       Pippo 21X Notes       Pippo 20XI Notes       Pippo 19XII Notes

Pippo 18XIII Notes       Pippo 17XIV Notes       Pippo 16XV Notes       Pippo 15XVI Notes

Pippo 14XVII Notes       Pippo 13XVIII Notes       Pippo 12XIX Notes       Pippo 11XX Notes











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